About us




At R.U.A. Sports Fanatic, we know it’s not just a game - it's who we are and what we do......it's our pass time. We live by the season...the Sports season that is.

It's watching the hockey game with friends in our mancave, shouting at the TV during the a bad call or a good goal. 

Superbowl parties wearing our jerseys and eating all that great grub. How fast can I get a championship hat?

Basketball.....just how high they jump???

Baseball...watching the game with dad as a kid and rooting for the underdog.


We have been offering our fans sports gear for over twenty five years....starting from one small kiosk to  five stores.

Our fans find us so they can complain about a loss, show us pictures of their mancave, get the new grandkids into their team before anyone else does.

We carry NHL, NFL, MLB, NBA in brands such as REEBOK, NEW ERA, NIKE, 47 BRAND, FRAMEWORTH, MAJESTIC, OLD TIME HOCKEY, so there is something for every fan.

We carry all the teams! If we don't have YOUR team, it Sucks.


Giving Back:

At R U A Sports Fanatic, we believe strongly in giving back and have partnered with several organizations to raise funds for good causes.

Some of the great organizations that we have been lucky to have worked with:   CAPE BRETON REGIONAL HOSPITAL, JaneWay, and IWK